Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review


Finding the correct web hosting provider is never a straight forward task. With everyone in a rush to get there website up and running, many people do not spend enough time considering their choices for WordPress hosting providers. Checkout out our post on factors to considering when choosing a WordPress hosting provider. This guide will … Read more

Basic SEO Step By Step Guide

Basic SEO Tutorial step by step Logo

There is a bit of confusion about search engine optimization. Some people think that SEO is nothing more than tricking search engines into giving a high ranking for a particular site. Others think that search engine optimization is so complex that they could not possibly understand it. Neither of these views are correct. Search engine … Read more

Best Under Construction WordPress Plugin

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A under construction page or maintenance mode page are useful when setting up your website or doing a upgrade on your website. Thankfully there has been plugins created that are free and make the process of adding these maintenance or construction page easy. These plugins more with extra features and themes that help visitors to … Read more

How Websites Make Money From its Traffic?

How Websites make money from its traffic

It’s a fact that more traffic a website gets, there is more opportunities to make money. A website with more traffic can earn money in many ways. Here is a some few ways. Google Adsense. Affiliate marketing with Amazon or Bluehost. Selling Ad space of website. Selling own digital products. You could use your blog … Read more

8 WordPress Social Plugins That Are More Usefully Than Taylor Swift

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Social media has grown into a pretty big thing. It’s become critical for bloggers to integrate social sharing buttons on to their blogs or website. By using social bookmarking and sharing buttons, it makes it easier for your readers to quickly share your blog posts on their favorite social networking channels. With WordPress there is … Read more