Tutorial 4: Managing Users

After completing the previous tutorial from our WordPress Tutorial for Beginners. WordPress thinks that you will have multiple contributors. For example you may have a guest bloggers and maybe an editor. Which all would require different roles. There are five pre-defined roles, each with their own capabilities. Administrator – Somebody who has access to all … Read more

Tutorial 3: Login and Looking Around

WordPress Tutorial Part 3

After completing the previous tutorial from our WordPress Tutorial for Beginners. You should be ready to Login. Now you are ready to log into your WordPress website. Log into WordPress To login to your dashboard, go to “www.YourDomainName.com/admin” and type in the username and password you set during installing WordPress After logging in will be … Read more

WordPress Tips : WordPress Tips and Tricks

Wordpress Tips Logo

With WordPress now the most popular blogging platform. There is loads of useful plugins available and useful tips available that are used by professional bloggers everyday. These help in using and managing their websites to boost the compatibility of it and to add extra features they may need. Here are some WordPress tips and tricks … Read more

Top WordPress Plugins I Use On My Websites

Top WordPress Plugins I Use On My Websites

When you have set up your WordPress website and it’s up a running. You may want to add plugins to your website. WordPress plugins are handy and reduce a lot of work on your part. The plugins can improve performance or add additional features to your website. Also, some plugins can have a negative effect … Read more

How To Start A WordPress Blog

How To Start A WordPress Blog

So, you have decided to start a blog. There is other options that are free like WordPress.com and Blogger.com but you have less control. Using WordPress.com is great to get familiar and learn how to use WordPress and is quick and easy to setup. Years ago to create a blog website, you needed to have … Read more

Why Are Backlinks Important For My Website?

Why backlinks are important

A backlink or link building is getting a link from another website to yours. Backlinks can also be called hyperlinks, incoming links, inbound links, or just links they all mean the same thing. The overall goal is to increasing the search engine rankings of that website or page. Search engines use links to crawl the … Read more