Signs When You Have Outgrown Your Web Hosting Provider

When starting out to get your website up and running, selecting a cost effective hosting provider. And now your website has grown into a thriving business. The reality is very few people stick to the same site hosting plan throughout their business’s lifetime, particularly if its doing well.

When the website growing, there is the high chance that your website has outgrown the current web hosting package. So its important to recognize the early signs that it is time change web hosting provider or to upgrade to a better package for something bigger and better. And the upgrade needs to be done seamlessly, and with as little downtime as possible.

So let’s look at factors that need to be taken into consideration to help you understand if your current web hosting is in fact holding back your website/business.

Web Page Loading Speed

If web page load speeds are slow, this can be a killer on traffic. And users as most people will not wait more than 2/3 seconds for a web page to load. So a slow website can be as much of a traffic and therefore a revenue killer.

To test website load times there are websites like PageSpeed Tools, GTmetrix and Pingdom that can test the performance. During testing, you notice that your site is not responding as quickly as it should. These sites will flag possible bottlenecks and ways to improve the load times.

Slow or Sluggish Performance at Peak Times

If you notice during a peak times that your website performance slows down. And you have already addressed any potential bottlenecks from testing. This could be a sign that your current hosting plan cannot keep up with your traffic demands.

Web Host Provider is Struggling to Keep Up With Your Demands

Your current host provider was quick to respond to support requests, but they are starting to fall behind. Getting slower at responding to your, and you start to get the feeling that they are struggling to even provide you with a baseline of service. It may be time for a new hosting plan – or maybe even an entirely new host.

Website is Growing Significantly

With the website growing or about to expand exponentially. Which is good for you but the flip side to that is your hosting plan may need to change with it. You should have a hosting plan in place that will be able to handle the traffic increase so your business is not held back

Customer Support

Customer support is a fairly important component when choosing a web hosting provider, so there is nothing more frustrating than having a problem with your website, needing someone else’s help to solve, and not being able to get to get that help.

If the customer support is poor, this maybe telling you that your needs just aren’t important to them. In this case it maybe time to begin the divorce and find a host that offers the support you need.

Wrapping Up

There is loads of web hosting companies out there. Some web hosting providers are good and some are bad. All with the cheap hosting plans to expensive plans.

But one of the main considerations when choosing a host provider is that the provider is able scale up as your website grows. Plus been able to provide the necessary customer support if required.

Hopefully this post on explaining the signs when you have outgrown your web hosting provider was helpful.If there is any feedback or suggestions please leave a comment below.