What is a Domain Name and DNS?

Domain name in simple words is a name given to one or more IP addresses. It is part of a URL which you use to enter a website. For example, if http://www.google.com is a URL, then google.com is a domain name which is representing an IP address

Domain name has to be a unique identifier so that no two names create a conflict and then redirect onto a page which was not originally requested for by the user.

Domain names have to be bought from different service providers available online. One you register for that particular domain, it becomes unavailable for everyone else throughout the world.

Every website is hosted on an IP address and in order to let users be able to easily access the websites, a concept of DNS was introduced which translates a website domain name in to an IP address so that the user can get redirected to that.

You might be wondering why we need a DNS. If this particular concept were not introduced, users would be trying to memorize IP addresses to reach out for a particular web page which would nearly be impossible.

DNS makes the whole process a lot more efficient and easy to remember.

How easily can you remember the following numbers and then similar combinations for hundred other websites? Of course, remembering www.amazon.com is easier.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this post on explaining what is a Domain Name and DNS was helpful. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below and thanks for reading!