Choosing Domain Name Things to Consider

Choosing a domain name is your first step towards building a kickass website and making it go viral! Before you get a web hosting plan, domain name registration is a must. You can buy new one on the spot from any web hosting company.

Follow the tips to choose the right domain name for your website!

  • No stop word: There is a range of stop words like in, for, of and etc that you should avoid using in you domain name. Stop words are generally ignored by Google. So it’s preferable that your domain name has a keyword and that too, without a stop word.
  • Create Something Memorable: A catchy or memorable name creates a positive impression and can help to build the reputation of your site faster.
  • Appropriate domain name extension: If you are building a website for a school, it better end with an .edu because it’s appropriate. Nobody will sue you for not using it but it will be appropriate if you do. Similarly, if it’s an online store that is catering the needs of people in Australia only. Well then it will be better if it ends with .au.
  • Include Topic Keywords: Also well as people connecting the topic with your website, its search engine will also do the same.
  • Must not match with already existing website: Research well so that you do not end with a failed plan of registering for a domain name that already exists!
  • Not to use characters: Apart from alphabets and numbers, no other characters like hyphen are supposed to be used. Makes your domain name attractive, short and easy to memorize.
  • Social Media: Check if the name in Social Media sites like like Facebook or Twitter is not taken. Or check for an alternative. As it makes it easier for the user to link up your website with an social media platform.

Note: that you can buy domain name and web hosting service from two different service providers. It’s not necessarily have to be the same provider for both.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this post on choosing domain name things to consider was helpful.

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