Domain Privacy, Bandwidth and File Transfer Protocol

Domain Privacy

Buying a domain comes up with a few primary concerns like domain privacy. While you are looking up for a unique domain name for your website, you are almost ready to share your personal information with domain registrar or service provider.

That means, your information is going into a public record. This public record is stored in a database called WHOIS. Are you ready for that? Sometimes, for some big companies, it not really is a concern but for small entrepreneurs and blog owners, it matters.

If it matters that much, get domain privacy at the time of domain registration. You will be charged some extra bucks for that but privacy for present and future is guaranteed.


By definition provided by Wikipedia, bandwidth is the amount of information and level of traffic which is being transferred between three parties namely; users, your website and the internet.

While you are planning to build your website and even before that, it’s important to identify what amount of traffic will hit your website on a daily basis. Before getting yourself a hosting package associated with your domain, you need to figure out what amount of bandwidth will be enough.

If you fail to figure out rightly, you might end up with your website under-performing and those error pages which you don’t want people to see. Later on, if you plan to get an add-on, it will be an extra loaded packet on your budget.

File Transfer Protocol

Using a client server model, FTP allows you to transfer your files from local computer on to the website or vice versa using some medium. It is done over TCP or IP connections.

For example; if you made your website and demonstrated on localhost, it’s important to shift all the files on the web using and FTP agent/client. One good example of this is FileZilla.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this post on explaining domain privacy, bandwidth and File transfer protocol was helpful.

Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below and thanks for reading!